Swedish Massage

Unwind with this gentle, relaxing massage. A traditional massage that uses smooth, long connective strokes with light to moderate pressure.
60 min – $75
90 min – $110

Deep Tissue Massage

Ideal for those physically active. Improves range of motion using specific trigger point techniques and deep pressure strokes. This will facilitate speedy muscle recovery.
60 min – $80
90 min – $120

Hot Stone Massage

Experience this unique sensation of ultra smooth stones and therapeutic touch while heat deeply penetrates the muscle and eases you into a complete state of deep relaxation. By combining warm stones and massage, this treatment balances energy through the mind/body connection.
60 min – $95
90 min – $130

Custom Massage

A combination of Swedish, deep tissue, melding the two modalities into a relaxing yet effective massage for relieving muscle tension, physical and mental stress and pain, while stimulating circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues. Also increases flexibility and mobility, perfect for those who crave relaxation with their therapy.
60 min – $80
90 min – $120

Therapeutic Massage

For those who seek deeper pressure with profound, lasting effects. This powerful full body massage is designed to work on tight, sore and fatigued muscles and joints. For chronic pain and limited range of motion, repairs muscles, releases lactic acid, removes toxins and promotes sleep. A blend of modalities from massage myofacial and trigger point therapy, this massage includes relaxing Swedish strokes and deep pressure point work.
90 min – $120

Relaxing Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

Take care of those chronic deep “knots” and ease stress with this focused tension releasing massage. Special release techniques and therapeutic grade essential oils are used to relax the muscle, remove lactic acid and increase circulation.
60 min – $75


This customized massage for moms to be is the ultimate relaxation for the perfectly pregnant. This massage relieves lower back pressure and increases blood circulation in the legs and feet. Unwind and re-energize for those in their 2nd and 3rd trimester.
60 min – $75

Couples Massage

Share your experience! Your choice of our Swedish, Deep Tissue or Custom Massages. A symphony of touch therapies created for two!
60 min – $160
90 min – $230

Aromatherapy Raindrop Treatment

Nine high quality essential oils are dropped like rain onto the spine and feathered into the skin. Raindrop therapy increases immunity, balances energy and soothes aching muscles. This technique also assists the alignment of the spine and detoxification of the body and organs.
60 min – $75
-All skin types including sensitive.
60 min – $85





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