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Spa Therapy Facial Treatment

Designed for clients who want a complete relaxing experience. We begin with organic cleanser and enzyme exfoliation. Enjoy a scalp massage to relieve tension and mental stress, and a lymphatic drainage massage of the face and neck to detoxify and to further relax the body, followed by an extensive facial massage to further detoxify, soften, lift and contour. During the customized mask, a hand and foot reflexology massage finishes this relaxing experience.
All skin types
90 min -$130

Vitamin A Infusion Peel

This is a revolutionary non-chemical peel delivering long term skin benefits. It is unique because it avoids damaging the epidermis. It penetrates several high dose active ingredients into the dermis through liposomal delivery including the most potent form of Vitamin A to gently resurface the skin. This unique formulation helps treat inflammation that causes a wide array of skin conditions and increases circulation, delivers nutrients deep into the skin, boosts immunity and stimulates collagen production. Your skin will immediately be transformed! All skin types
60 min – $125

Series of 6 – $675

Organic Radiance Facial

Bursting with antioxidants, our Organic Radiance Facial will leave your skin smooth and glowing. This deluxe treatment combines a gentle two-step peel of botanically derived enzymes and acids with a powerful hibiscus peptide complex. This treatment is firming, brightening, purifying and soothing, and is perfect before a night on the town or as part of a series in preparation for a big event. All skin types including sensitive.
60 minutes – $110

Weekly Series of 3 – $255

Calm Skin Facial

Get out of the red and into the clear by calming sensitive skin and the appearance of redness and inflammation with the Calm Skin Facial. The Calm Skin Facial uses a soothing blend of marigold, ivy, and arnica to reduce redness and naturally calm rosacea and sensitive skin. For sensitive, rosacea skin types.
60 min – $85

Anti-Aging Firm Skin Facial

Turn back the hands of time with incredible antioxidants, scrumptious lifting and firming masque and boosters, hydrating collagen serums and age corrective moisturizers. The Vitamin-rich acai berry and ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic acid will leave the skin more plump and firm. Specific anti-aging facial massage to tone skin, detoxify and improve circulation. Dry, mature skin types.
60 minutes – $85

Clear Skin Acne Facial

Get clearer more confident skin! This pro-biotic infused facial helps to heal, prevent acne and detoxify the skin. A highly effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory facial. This treatment achieves texture and pore refinement through a combination of potent enzymes and alpha hydroxyl acid exfoliation. For young adults as well as those suffering from adult acne. For Hormonally Imbalanced, Acne Prone skin types.
60 min – $85

Teen Facial

Start your teens on a skincare regimen now! A condensed version of our Clear Skin Acne Facial and customized just for teens includes a thorough skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if requested), a treatment mask and therapeutic massage. 16 & under only.
40 min – $55

Bright Skin Facial

Even out your skin tone and lighten age spots, freckles and hyper-pigmentation. The Bright Skin Facial brightens and lightens your uneven complexion with refreshing stone crop, licorice root, and bearberry. We use natural alternatives to hydroquinone, using plant-derived actives from African potato and Tara tree.
Dramatic results are seen in just three months.
All skin types including sensitive.
60 min – $85

Quick Glow Facial

A quick customized pick-me-up that re-hydrates, cleanses, re-freshens, and gently exfoliates according to your skin type. You’ll feel fresh, clean and glowing! All skin types.
40 min – $55

Gentleman’s Facial

Our signature facial designed for men includes a thorough skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if requested), a treatment mask and therapeutic massage. For best results, please shave prior to your facial. All skin types.
60 min – $85

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

The ULTIMATE skin rejuvenation treatment! Referred to as the “non-surgical face-lift.” We use Microcurrent Technology to gently stimulate tired facial muscles, increase blood and lymph flow, and help tighten skin. Highly effective treatment to prevent aging, reverse age damage and to reduce puffiness by pushing out toxin and fluid buildup. Lifts, firms, and tones the skin back to a more youthful appearance. It’s like Pilates for your face! All skin types.
45 min – $125   

Bridal Series of 3 – $330     

Level 1 Series of 6 – $630

Level 2 Series of 12 – $1200    

Level 3 Series of 32 – $2800

Deluxe Microcurrent Facial Treatment.

This rejuvenation facial treatment is the star of all anti-aging treatments. First we add to the skin Stem Cells and Fibroblasts with 150+ growth factors to dramatically increase anti-aging receptors in the skin. Then we infuse the skin with our Vitamin A Infusion followed by a microcurrent treatment to stimulate collagen production and penetration. All skin types.
75 min – $140

The Rezenerate Facial

If you’re looking for a treatment that can deliver nutrients deeper into the skin than any other facial ever, then this is the facial to get! The Rezenerate anti-aging facial was designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin. With the deep delivery of targeted serums through the use of nanotechnology, the Rezenerate Facial is a device proven to reduce wrinkles, scars, blemishes, dark spots, and drastically improves a person’s overall complexion and skin tone. For all skin types including acne.
60 min – $ 125    

Series of 3 – $320    

Series of 6 – $560

Facial Add-On Treatments

Age Corrective Hand and Arm Treatment $25
Reflexology Foot Treatment $25
Exfoliating Lip Treatment $15
Exfoliating Eye Treatment $15
Eyebrow Wax $12
Lip Wax $12
Chin wax $10

Facials are recommended every 2-4 weeks for optimal results and ultimately depend on individual needs. – Lisa





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